Today, we will mostly be listening to…

Yes, of course you think you have everything by Chic, but you don’t. OK? So, like, get over it.

On this first volume of a box set extravaganza overseen by Nile Rodgers, apart from great stories about how the whole Chic thing happened (the name comes from Josephine Baker, apparently!) there is stuff you only ever dreamed about in your most vivid Studio 54 fantasies – you know the ones where you ride in on a white horse led by naked men that Bianca Jagger apparently denies ever happened even though we have the photo?

Firstly, what you don’t have, Chic-wise, are the Dimitri from Paris remixes of hits by Chic and Sister Sledge. They’re here. What you also don’t have Chic-wise is ‘Your Love is Good’ by Sheila & B. Devotion of Spacer fame, ’cause it’s never been out before. What you certainly don’t have is ‘Hold Me’ by Norma Jean, because that too has been sitting in someone’s vanity unit for decades. And what you probably don’t have but might is ‘Backfired’, by Debbie Harry produced by Chic in its full 12″ glory (not so sure about that one…)

And what you most certainly don’t have and now won’t be able to live your life without are three tracks produced by Chic for… wait for it… Johnny Mathis!

So, there you have it, the first entry onto your Christmas List 2010.

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3 comments to “Today, we will mostly be listening to…”

  1. O! M! G! How do you get it? They don’t have it on iTunes.

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  2. You can get it on Amazon but its sixty freaking quids

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  3. poor dead bernard.

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