Clever old Wayne Rooney… And we don’t even think he’s that ugly!

‘Who’s the whore now, Wayne?’ said the sign, correct grammar and everything, as the world went up in nylon-covered arms about Wayne Rooney (a footballer) being so disloyal as to leave his club for a new job. Honestly! The disloyalty of following the money! Whoever would have expected that of a football player?

And then, just as it seemed Sir Alex Sarah Ferguson was about to break down and cry (will you at least stop chewing for one moment, you ignorant old man? Is there really anything quite so unsavoury as a football manager?), Wayne came back and said he would sign a new five-year contract after all. Probably for a hell of a lot more than he was going to get.

Who’s been giving him lessons in brinkmanship? We salute you, Mr. Rooney. But only with our hands.

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  1. One gets a different message if one reads from Left to Right across BOTH posters.

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