This is a public service message


We show you this, not so much because we like the sound of a condom bagpipe, but to show younger users that when older gentlemen try to tell you they can’t use a condom because they’re just too big – and they will try those tricks, kids, trust us! – they’re lying.

If their penis really is too big to be enveloped in a life-saving condom, then it’s waaay too big to be enveloped in your innocent young arse.

*receives grant for promoting safer sex to young people. Has grant removed because of the cuts*

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3 comments to “This is a public service message”

  1. Joking apart, that is a very good point. Those losers who do all the ‘I’m too big for condoms’ shit. You can get them over your head! How big is your cock?

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  2. Bernard, mine is actually bigger than my head, so I think I am exempt.

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  3. In that case, Pilar, I salute you and all who sail up you.

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