Jealous much?

Boy George

You know those books entitled ’50 Things You Must Do Before You Die’, which linger round the checkouts at Asda (if you’re there you’ve pretty much missed your 50 chances) around Christmas time and which men’s magazines rely on when the workie has stopped coming up with killer features ideas?


Well, depending on the edition, ‘Getting called a cunt by Boy George’ is between 3 and 7 in these lists. Not quite as high, naturally, as swimming with dolphins but higher than changing race and getting adopted by Stanley Tucci in Easy A. We know at who’s bathroom time we’d be a-lingerin’…

And some lucky lady had all her Men’s Health dreams come true at a charity concert in London’s glittering Big London on Tuesday night when Boy George interrupted his performance to a) call her a ‘rude cunt’ and b) throw his drink at her. Who needs a c) when you’ve got an a) and b) like that?

Because it transpires that Rude Cunt wasn’t enjoying what Boy George was singing – she’d only turned up for ‘Karma Chameleon’ and had even worn a scrunchie – so was chatting through his set to keep herself occupied until the money shot.

The rest, as they say, is No. 4 in 50 Things You Must Do Before You Die.

Ladies, gentlemen and undecided, we give you Boy George calling some rude cunt a ‘rude cunt’… *claps*

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