‘89% of straight men have kissed a man’

Straight men kissing

Once upon a time, we kissed a man. Like Prawn Cocktail Walkers Crisps, there was no turning back.

And now it seems that non same-sex oriented male mens are ever more frequently getting to first base with their equally non same-sex oriented male friends. But then stopping. Baby steps.

For, according to a study, same-sex kissing amongst the ‘ros in British universities and high schools is rife. That’s rife. Rife.

Eric Anderson, a sociologist at Bath University, interviewed 145 straight men at said institutions and found 89% had kissed a straight male friend on the lips. A total of 37% had engaged in ‘sustained’ kissing with a straight male friend. All of said straight males even identified as straight. We don’t think they used the word ‘straight’ enough. It’s a much-maligned word.

‘These men have lost their homophobia,’ says Anderson. ‘They’re no longer afraid to be thought gay by their behaviours, and they enjoy intimacy with their friends, just the same as women.’

‘The mean, gruff, homophobic macho man of the 1980s is dead!’ exclaimed Anderson whilst, in the background, a man in a white van was winding down his window to fit in a few ‘queer bastards!’ before retiring to the back of the vehicle to get bummed for his latest Triga release.

Now close your eyes, and think of spark plugs…

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2 comments to “‘892 of straight men have kissed a man’”

  1. Straight boys are pigs. I was at a gay bar on Saturday and two straight soldiers came in wearing drag and ladies panties and wanted everyone to feel their balls. We salute those members of the armed forces.

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  2. I happen to go to Bath University. And I’ve kissed a straight guy here, before. To be honest, though, he was a rugby player, and rugby players tend to do that thing a lot. And believe me, Bath is FULL of ruggers. That’s why there’s so much eye candy here…LAVIT.

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