Vanity Fairy couldn’t be any gayer if they put bloody Liberace on the cover!

Honestly! One month it’s Gaga, the next it’s Marilyn, then it’s Cher… We’re not sure why Vanity Fair doesn’t just go the whole hog and put a bottle of poppers on its cover. It wouldn’t be the first drugs recepticle to star – they have had Lindsay Lohan.

Anyways, never one not to give good head (as in quote – and remember she’s the one who apparently said at Madonna’s first wedding to… who was it? We want to say Pencil… Anyways… that, ‘With all she has, she could afford to be a little less of a cunt…’), she has come up with the goods and services in an interview to promote Burlesque (the excitement mounts…)

Of Sarah Palin she says, ‘a dumb woman is a dumb woman’; of Meryl Streep she says, ‘I think Meryl [Streep] is doing it great. The stupid bitch is doing it better than all of us!’ and of taking it up the arse she says, ‘I seriously wouldn’t have it in any other hole!’

OK, so one of those is made up, but guess which one!

Vanity Fair is out… oh, soonish.

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3 comments to “Vanity Fairy couldn’t be any gayer if they put bloody Liberace on the cover!”

  1. Looks like Simon Cowell sent over some Il Divo to pose with Cher. Do not understand the concept of the photo as it has nothing to do with the movie.

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  2. Silv Babe, americans always dress up dead smart to go and vote. Celebration of democracy and all that stuff. She’s off down the polling station with a couple of mates, that’s all.

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  3. *ahem*

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