We’re not biased but we want Boy George to win.

boy george

Just a minute, Rumer’s ‘Aretha’ has just come on the wireless…

*taps feet*

So the line-up for this year’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Ant ‘n’ Dec the Fuck off our Tellies has just been announced, and it is as follows:

– Gail Porter off-of got her hair back, even though we never did have sympathy during the alopecia years (talk about slogging a bald horse) because we interviewed her and found her to be a rude cunt. But dogs can change their spots, etc., as well as lick their arses.

– Linford Christie off-of running

– Stacey Solomon off-of speed-talking

– Lembit Opik off-of fame-whore politician (not Anne Widdecombe)

– Lizzie Cundy, a WAG. Who we met at another WAG’s baby-shower (it pays the bills, people) and we told her the outfit she was wearing made the whole world her gynaecologist. She said ‘Thanks.’ J’adore.

– Nigel Havers off-of disappointingly small when you meet him.

– Boy George. Rings a bell.


We don’t actually remember watching it last year because we find that Italian chef irritating, but we do remember finding that Italian chef irritating.

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2 comments to “We’re not biased but we want Boy George to win.”

  1. oh… george will just bitch and moan about the food, vegetarian blah blah etc. obviously will refuse to eat a kangaroo’s cock etc. and probably be revealed to one and all for the nast old bitch he really is. and not in a funny, endearing way either. snore-fest.

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  2. I predict Stacey Solomon will be nice. Coz she is. Though the chat may get a little irritating.

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