‘…and I’ll cry if I want taaaooouw’

You can’t keep a good crack whore down (and trust us, we’ve tried!) – so here she is, Ms. Amy Winehouse breaking into a 60s track by one of our favourite lesbian singers of all time, Lesley Gore, esteemed member of the Muffia.

Yes, it’s It’s My Party; yes, there is a Mark Ronson connection; yes, we think the Quincy Jones connection is they’ve used bits from the original (oh, yes, Quincy Jones didn’t just do Michael Jackson records, you know. He did Ella and everyone!) and yes, we actually really are loving it…

But don’t take our word for it… On second thoughts, do take our word for it, there has to be some element of trust around here GODAMMIT! Then have our word confirmed when you listen to it over the jump. Hoik up that skirt! Over you go…


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3 comments to “‘…and I’ll cry if I want taaaooouw’”

  1. I think Judy is gonna get a smackdown. Amy’s got a knife…..Run Judy Run! It’s Judy’s turn to cry, Judy’s turn to cry ……

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  2. I even get that reference S-L. You’re so clever! And so, by extension, am I!

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  3. such a talent….i hope 10 years from now we aren;t listening and wondering what happened to her voice and her mind..a la

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