Totally. Works.

Matthew Morrison, Glee

The full stop – period, if you will – in that title was a grammatical necessity whilst we took down names, addresses and trou’. And that apostrophe is a grammatical necessity in order that it rhymes with ‘to take a bow’.

This is Matthew Morrison off-of Glee at a Halloween party on Sunday night in London’s glittering West Hollywood. We know it’s Wednesday and, well, it’s, just Wednesday really, isn’t it.

Matthew Morrison is dressed as ‘eccentric fitness guru’ Richard Simmons, which is an outfit he chose because you can totally still look sexy and still get recognized. What’s the point of going out if you don’t look sexy and people don’t know who you are? Like, RIGHT?

And it just so happens he’s working this autumn/winter’s trend for an oversized chunky knit cardie, so well done him.

And well done every one. With the intonation on every one. Like at the end of A Christmas Carol.

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  1. I so would.

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  2. Me too, Norma!!!

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