Jonathan Ross. Back in our good books.

We’ve had our moments with J-Ro. We never approved of that Four Poofs and a Piano thing (come back with Four Kikes and a Ukelele and we’ll talk) and we took not very kindly at all to his comments about if your son was interested in a Hannah Montana prize, you should think about having him adopted (on second thoughts, maybe that was just a very sophisticated pop at Cyrus the Virus).

But (as demonstrated at a party this summer), he is charming, his knowledge of the life and work of Patti Lupone second to none and he has some great Liza stories.

But more than all that, he’s back in our good books for a piece he has written about Georgious Michaels to coincide with the re-release of Faith (hold your horses: it’s been put back to January now).

‘The cherry on top of his remarkable talent,’ said JR (mmmm, cherries!) ‘is that he is a modern, gay man who refuses to act embarrassed, or even pay lip-service to dominant hetero-culture – instead offering himself up as a radical and yet much-needed alternative role model to young gay men who don’t embrace camp or feminised homosexual behaviour as their own.’

He is, apparently, ‘a strong, butch, unashamedly gay man who does what he wants, when he wants to. I have nothing but admiration for his talent. I have nothing but respect for his courage in the face of the sneering press that seek to diminish or destroy those that are different to them. And nothing but love for the whole package.’

Well, we haven’t seen the package (Hampstead Heath can get so chilly on these autumn evenings) but we imagine it to be thick, hairy and vibrant; chatty, witty but never bitchy and never knowingly not inside the fanciest of pants. We’re imagining black.

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3 comments to “Jonathan Ross. Back in our good books.”

  1. Love your blog but can’t stand JR!!

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  2. I’m sorry but GM is no role model!! He stayed in the closet for 20years and only came out cos he was caught in bogs in America by the police. He played lip service to Hetero culture for 20 years! Please he is no alternative role model. Its easy to live the life he is leading without repercussions as he has millions in the bank.

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  3. I don’t mind JR – anyone the Daily Heil hates must have something going for them.

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