Ab Fab back?

The rumour’s been kicking around for *checks page three of notes; then four* a while, but Sir Dame Joanna Lumley has spectacularly revealed – with colour, movement, a Gurkha troupe and some string – that she is in talks with Jennifer Saunders to revive Absolutely Fabulous.

‘Jen wrote to me and said, “Let’s talk through it. What do you think?” And I said, “Bring it on.” Because we’re all still here.

‘Mother’s still alive – the wonderful June Whitfield. Julia Sawalha, Jane Horrocks, the basic five Js. We’re all still alive and available – ish – to do it, and I think we just have to do it.’

So, you know, let her go to Morocco, we’re going to Marrakesh.

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  1. Hoo and ray. Maybe it can replace Downtown Abbey and Spooks and, when it finishes, The Apprentice.

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