Welcome to Burlesque!

The tension mounts. Outfits are being planned. New cocktails alchemised. There is a stretching of legs and a limbering of, erm, limbs. Sequins are being applied to collars. Feather boas are being hand-washed. Eyebrows are under attack… It’s the first piece of music from Burlesque by Cher and it’s a little like the ‘Wilkommen, Bienvenu, Welcome’ bit from Cabaret…

It is. It just simply is. And it is over the jump with another sneaky peeky from the soundtrack…



We also love this remix of the trailer…


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  1. We should have a special me-me-me screening. All us cunts in one room with Xtina and Cher *goes out to finish self off in bathroom*

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