Jeremy Edwards’ love is comin’ atcha! In 3D!

Do you remember back in the days before porn was allowed? When you’d live for the merest glimpse of a male member in a grubby bath in the dressing rooms of Manchester United after the match on The World of Sport? When to feature a penis in a play or film was enough to make Scary Mary Whitehouse start frothing at the fanny?

Then someone had the bright idea – hey! – of making porn ‘educational’. That way you could feature all kinds of penises – including hardened ones – and if anyone tried to close you down, you’d just say it was in the interests of science and knowledge.

The Lovers’ Guide was the biggie, selling, ooh, loads. And now they’ve decided they will mount the whole 3D revolution and bring that filth back in the shape and format of a 3D cinema movie, which could be bigger than Burlesque.

Featuring the voice (but probably not the knob) of Jeremy Edwards and of some bird off EastEnders that we’ve never heard of, the movie hits screens (quite literally: we’re thinking of the cum shots) in January next year.

What are you wearing to the prem?

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3 comments to “Jeremy Edwards’ love is comin’ atcha! In 3D!”

  1. Probably something that can be easily wiped down…

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  2. I’ll be wearing Tequilla Mockingbird. Like a glove puppet.

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  3. I’ve got prem all over me.

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