Something for the weekend? (And we don’t mean that shitarse show on BBC2 presented by Louise Nurding, who has all the charisma of a duvet.)

Circus: Blackout

We in fact mean *makes a cup of vodka; sits* Circus: Blackout, which is what you get when Jodie Harsh off-of Circus and Leo Belicha off-of Caligula bum then procreate (figuratively speaking. Or not. We can’t be everywhere all of the time).

It’s tomorrow (Saturday 20th November, in case you’re wondering) at the Rehearsal Studios in London’s Glittering Shoreditch.

This is now the part where we cut ‘n’ paste from the press release. Like we say, we can’t be everywhere all of the time…

‘Over seven hours, a seldom-used warehouse space in the heart of Shoreditch will become a vast den of debauchery, an aural feast of the finest dance music, and a high gloss production that only two of London’s most exciting club nights joining forces can achieve.
To transform the dance floor into a cloak of darkness, our most basic request is that everyone wear black – abide by that rule and you’re welcome to behave freely and explore your imagination…’

The three things we like most about this are:

1) We look great in black. We’re not fat or anything, we just look great in black.

2) It’s almost quite literally at the end of our street. You can even come back if you’re good at carrying things.

3) All the right people will be there. And we do love all the right people.

4) Debauchery. And gloss.

More, here. Tickets, here. Or in real life person at Unconditional+, 16 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, Big London. Or 15 quid on the door. Oh, and 10pm – 5am.

We’ll be the ones in black.

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