When you think ‘condoms’, is the first thought in your head ‘male prostitutes’? It is with Pope ‘Eggs’ Benedict!

What a crazy old head our Lady Pope (pictured here in his very favourite fairy outfit) has on his shoulders.

While the world cries out for some leadership (well, the less sensible parts of the world), saying that a climb down on the fairly random Papal ban on condom use would save hundreds of thousands of lives in Africa where AIDS is rife, the Pope has decided that in the case of male prostitutes, condom use may be OK after all.

Because male prostitutes are representative of the masses of the afflicted in Africa, aren’t they? You do really need to start with the male prostitute end of things. What does that say about His Ladyship, that it’s the first thing to come into his head? But really. No, but really!

The Catholic World Report website, daily reading for anyone who likes a laugh, clarified, however, that just because Dolly has rent boys on the brain, that doesn’t mean everyone can go around using condoms willy nilly. ‘The Holy Father is simply observing that for some homosexual prostitutes the use of a condom may indicate an awakening of a moral sense.’ Oh. OK.

‘But it is not really the way to deal with the evil of HIV infection,’ said Popsy, while applying lip-liner. Oh that’s right. Because condoms have microscopic holes that the infection can get through, don’t they? ‘That can really lie only in a humanisation of sexuality.’

He’s a wizard with words, old dolly. ‘A humanisation of sexuality.’ It speaks volumes and yet, somehow, says nothing at all.

In conclusion: please use a condom when bumming or being bummed. And lashings of lube. See! It’s really not that hard.

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4 comments to “When you think ‘condoms’, is the first thought in your head ‘male prostitutes’? It is with Pope ‘Eggs’ Benedict!”

  1. This vile despot couldn’t be more of a cunt if he tried. Of all the people who adhere to his retarded views, I imagine male prostitutes count for, ooh, 0.000000000001%. So he’s still telling the hundreds of thousands of people who are dying/will die of AIDS as a direct result of his teachings that they still shouldn’t use condoms. He is the biggest mass-murderer since that other evil Roman Catholic, Hitler.

    All this is is another excuse for the Pope to accuse gays of being morally reprehensible. If he wants immorality, all he needs to do is stare into the mirror. Though I doubt there’ll be any reflection there, the evil demonic bastard.

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  2. Do I really need to wear a condom while being bummed? That does seem like overkill…

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  3. Logan, droll.
    Wonder whether those Catholic paedos wear condoms when bumming underage boys.

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  4. So the “prostitutes” can get the new “Jesus Loves Me” or “Cover my Holy Host” Condoms in the Vatican gift shop before going to the Cardinal’s quarters for Saturday night rogering. I hear that they will come in Holy Wine Flavours…..GOD that tastes good.

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