How do we love Dan Savage? Let us count the ways…

We used to love Dan Savage’s agony column in The Village Voice (we remember one person wrote in saying he thought he might have got a sexually transmitted disease because the water from the toilet splashed up into his bum hole when he was having a poo in a public loo and Dan calmly said that he was OK and that in future he should put some toilet paper down before he began. Now, you can’t argue with sensible talking like that!)

And we love his ‘It gets better…’ video campaign to reassure bullied gay kids, though just a little point: you shouldn’t make it seem like it’s absolutely necessary for gay kids to be unhappy at school. It almost seems like you’re saying it’s inevitable. Some have a nice time.

But we really love him telling this lady from CNN that one of the best ways to counter homophobia would be to not invite crazy religious homophobes onto CNN like they were real people. It’s a very good point.

And you can see the (rather long) interview over the jump sponsored by Absolut, the vodka for gay peoples worldwide…httpv://

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  1. We fell in love with Dan Savage when we were on a road trip in the US this summer; I didn’t realise he did the IGB campaign. Love him even more now.

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