Now, tell us this ain’t sheer class…

Prince William, pictured here (right) at one of Central Station’s, erm, specialist nights, has asked Earl Spencer, the late Princess of Diana’s vile brother who made that shocking speech at her funeral, to make a speech at his wedding. Maybe in the same location – Westminster Abbey – maybe at the reception, maybe in a cupboard under the stairs. Now, don’t tell us that’s not classy.

While most of us would have been pushing dog’s muck through his letter box at the sheer affront of using two grieving children’s mother’s funeral to take a cheap shot at the royal family, PW has decided that Earl should be there to represent the Spencers. There’s even talk of his daughter, Lady Kitty (not to be confused with Hello Kitty, who is much cuter) being a bridesmaid.

We’d give him a two-handed salute if one of our hands wasn’t busy right now.

And while we’re on the subject of class, how about a listen to Class, the best song from Chicago that was actually removed from the movie. Well, the story needed gaying up a bit. Over the jump…httpv://

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3 comments to “Now, tell us this ain’t sheer class…”

  1. Oh, god, I SO would!

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  2. You can tell he’s regal ’cause he’s covering up his VPL.

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