He’s no Cliff Richards!

Pirelli Lagerfeld

Posh titty calendar Pirelli has cock this year. Thanks to Karl Lagerfeld. We’d say ‘natch’ if we could be bothered.

Thing is, the 2011 Pirelli calendar neither fulfills our titty requirements nor our cocky requirement. This is f’why:

Karl Lagerfeld’s 2011 Pirelli calendar is called Mythology, and is inspired by bumming. Or Greek and Roman mythology. Ie. Bumming. But there’s no bumming. Were they all running around in black ‘n’ white then, hmmmn? Honestly, gay is wasted on some people.

And that, ladies and germs, is why we’re underwhelmed.

J’adore Karl Lagerfeld, je can’t get enough of him, thinking of going as him for Halloween (or Will and Kate’s wedding. Whichever comes first), but we think we’ll be stick to Cliff Richard’s big gay 70-year-old chest. Literally if he keeps up the sweet talkin’.

Pirelli Lagerfeld

Pirelli Lagerfeld Julianne Moore

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