‘I’m so sad’

Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus who, despite being all grown up still has the hair of a total cock, is ‘so sad’ that his daughter – Miley ‘Cunt’ Cyrus – has been caught smoking a bong.

‘Sorry guys’, he said on Twitter. ‘I had no idea.’

Which is funny, because he’s completely aware of those rings on his fingers and his daughter’s lack of ability in any genre except Looking Like A Teenage Hooker, so to come out of a bag over his twat of a daughter actually doing something interesting for a change is, like, ironical or something.

‘I’m so sad,’ he continued on Twitter. ‘Like my flyaway ends, there is much beyond my control right now.’

Twitter is so needy, isn’t it?

There’s a video somewhere showing her getting off her nut and talking nonsense. It will be her next single. Critical acclaim is within her grasp. She’s the next Kajagoogoo. All of Manhattan is a-buzz. We have to lie down.

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2 comments to “‘I’m so sad’”

  1. That raspy voice of hers?? methinks that wasn’t her first joint either!!!! Vile little teenager!! She needs to watch Lena Zavaroni if she wants to hear what talent/teenager should be!!!!

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  2. I’m so sad that she turned 18 and her money is now hers…..

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