Oprah – seen here in Australian national costume – tends to Hugh Jackman who has just smacked into a wall at 80mph! Whatever for?

Here’s Oprah, who has been paid millions by the Sydney Tourist Board to bring her whole hoopla (by which we mean ‘show’ not ‘bottom’) to town. Scare up tourists, it will. Apparently. Though we do think she could probably afford to back her own show (sidebar: What do we think of Oprah? She is no doubt a force for good but that show of hers is unutterable crap with people hyperventilating about EVERY LIVING THING that happens)…

Anyways and hoos, what it is is… Huge Jackman (who probably is and does) zoomed into her show from the top of the Syndey Opera House (Australia, opera… *tries to do the maths*) and instead of slowing down, sped up and went – smack! – into a wall. Or a lighting rig. Or a curtain. Or a basketful of kittens.

And then Oprah helped him because she is the world’s mum and that’s what mums do when they’re not down Iceland or getting pie-eyed on the Tia Maria that was supposed to be for Christmas but one little nip won’t hurt.

If you’d like to see the whole thing as reported by Australia’s premier news network where they have people laughing in the background (now we know where Kylie gets it from), then jump the jump. If you wouldn’t like to see the whole thing, then move on. There’s nothing here for you…httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu88d2WcQF4&feature=player_embedded#!

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