Look Mummy, the slag’s on fire!

Diddy-Dirty Money party

This is snapshot of the launch party for Diddy-Dirty Money’s album Last Train To Paris at the London in Los Angeles.


Like most music of this ilk, it goes for a certain demographic. One of those demographic was a model (we’ll be the judge of that) ‘luxuriating in a bubble and rose petal-filled bath, surrounded by lit candles’. As she luxuriated, another model (ditto) scattered more rose petals.

Then, as the woman moved her hands across the water like this and then this, her bountiful hair made of whiskers, kittens and a piece of old rope caught fire.

Then, a hullabaloo.

Diddy was also there. Is he the same person as Diddy-Dirty? And who’s Money? And whatever happened to P?

You can watch the whole show after the diddy-jump. There’s even a commentary by someone who opens his mouth, but nothing decipherable comes out. He’s no Myleene Klass!


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