When in doubt, blame everyone else.

The Pope. Or Gollum.

Pope Eggs Benedict the Cunt, paedo-enabler and closet homo (that lady really doth protest far too much, right down to the smart for town dolly ballet pumps) has used his annual address to his fellow retards to say kind of, you know, maybe it’s sort of, like, possibly slightly not right that whole Catholic priests fucking young children thing but, well, you know whose fault it is? Certainly not the Catholic priests’!

We hope you’re taking notes at this juncture because the real culprit – the proper bastards behind paedophilia in the Catholic Church – is in fact everyone else! Who’d’ve thought it?

‘We must ask ourselves what we can do to repair as much as possible the injustices that occurred,’ went the Pope, as his mind drifted off to happier times when Nazis could be Nazis and his hair wasn’t so fly-away.

‘We must ask ourselves what was wrong in our message, in our entire way of configuring the Christian being, that allowed such a thing to occur.’

Configuring the Christian being? What a cock.

Now for the passing the buck thing.

‘The psychological devastation of children, in which human beings are reduced to a marketplace article, is a terrifying sign of the times,’ he feltched onwards, adding that it was the 1970s that is ultimately to blame (what did they ever do to you, eh!), a time he says when ‘paedophilia was theorized as something that was keeping with man and even the child. The effects of such theories are evident today.’

We’re not experts on bumming young boys – unlike the Catholic Church – but we’re pretty sure a god-bothering child-abuser doesn’t give two flying hoots to anthropological studies stemming from the 1970s when it has a young defenseless choirboy in its grasp.

Margaret Kennedy, from the Minister and Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors group, agrees with us.

‘He is trying to say that the modern world is corrupt and sexually rampant. It is blaming society for what is actually their responsibility. No-one in any age has ever thought that adults having sex with children is right.’

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  1. I was reading about that Irish priest who abused kids for decades with everyone including his bloody cleaning lady trying to get the police or the Catholic Church to do something and all anyone ever did was move him somewhere else to start all over again. Shame!

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