Eat what you like this Chrimberly as long as you’ve popped down Asda aforehand…

In a pickle about which of those slimming vests (you know, like Spanx for the upper body) you should invest in? Well, those nice, clever but probably rather dull people over at Which? have been pulling the entire range over some male models’ heads (you know like when they do underwear testing on This Morning and make the guys jump up and down on a trampoline to test support… can you imagine women doing that in bras on Alan Titchmarsh?)

And their findings are very welcome, for the best of all the pull-em-in vests, the ones designed to enhance chest and diminish love handles, comes from Asda! And costs £7 measly golden coins!

It’s called the Shape Enhancer T-shirt and it was applauded – let’s open a bottle right here and now! – and lingerie lecturer (the mind a-boggleth!) Laura Savery said it was good because of its ‘lighter-weight fabric with with knitted support panels in the right places and a smooth shape.’

The only downside is that Asda claim it reduces chest size, to make you look leaner. They don’t get the gays, do they? REDUCE chest size? What is all that about?

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4 comments to “Eat what you like this Chrimberly as long as you’ve popped down Asda aforehand…”

  1. Oh yes, I saw the article this morning and promptly purchased one off of on line. In other news, I am about to attend a meeting in which therein lies a sexual harrassment case where an employee is being dun for sexually harrassing a ladychick in the office and the last straw being he was her secret santa and he purchased her a dildo.
    Why do they call it secret santa? Answers on a postcard.

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  2. […] Eat what you like this Chrimberly as long as you've popped down Asda aforehand… | […]

  3. Did they Spank his face, too?? Looks slimmer in the aftermath as well.

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  4. God, kinell, can’t you even buy a colleague a sex toy anymore? I usually buy poppers, where does that leave me tribunal-wise? It’s becoming like America-ca here.

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