Bobby Boney M dead! Say it ain’t so!

Bobby Farrell, the man often found standing over a trio of writhing women in lingerie in his Boney M days, has been found dead in a hotel room in Moscow. No funny business. Just long-standing illness, breathing difficulties, an alarm call that went unanswered, knocking on door, security called… you know the sort of thing.

Bobby was known as ‘the man’ in Boney M, one who never shirked those particularly 70s duties of wearing very tight trousers often with a nice bit of VPL in it and very flouncy, Bacofoil-inspired ‘disco’ outfits, with matching boots.

He will be missed. Now jump the jump to see Bobby bobbing about in the background (he was a great bobber, was Bobby. One of the best) on Boney M’s finest moment, Sunny *blows nose noisily into Autumn Shades tissue*httpv://

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