We give it a year…

Bearing in mind there have been gays in British soaps since Barry and Colin first exchanged lip gloss (and even before that if you count Elsie Tanner!) on London’s glittering EastEnders, it’s taken quite some time for there to be a gay soap wedding (unless there’s been one on Hollyoaks or Emmerdale Farm or something that we don’t watch). But now the wait is over. Unfortch, it’s not the lovely Christian from EEs or one of those gays off-of Emmerdale (who might already be married – see above). It’s the vile gets-gayer-every-week Sean from Corro, who – we bet! – will wear a white suit.

Yes, unbelievable in the first place, the rather handsome nurse Marcus will be returning to Weatherfield to plight his troth to successful knicker-stitcher and part-time barmaid Sean. [Insert jokes about rings here].

Coronation Street insiders said some things about it being ‘great’ and ‘romantic’ and ‘anal sex’. *curtseys. exeunt*

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  1. Marcus was once in turn of the century smash hit BBC comedy sitcom Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie and Barry off of on Eastenderers is now a London taxi driver in real life. It’s an info orgy fact fans!

    *Self harms*

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  2. In more useless fact news, when it was released I watched ‘Withnail and I’ at the Screen on the Green and sat behind Lady Barry, who was accompanied on that occasion by Prunella Scales. They barely touched each other, so I don’t think it was a date.

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