Who lives in a house like this…? Clue: Kebabs.

George Michael's Sydney house

When he’s not familiarizing himself with the quick turnaround service at Snappy Snaps just off the Finchley Road, George Michael is lying back and thinking of Grindr at his new gaff in London’s glittering Sydney, as pictured here, here and here. And here.

Now if there’s one thing we know about, it’s how to keep a good home. Our inspiration, for those who are interested, is Barbra Streisand’s homely tome Me And My Lovely Fabrics, and it is from there that we learnt big gaping windows with views that go on and on are good for all manner of bumming. And if there’s something else we know about, it’s good bumming. And if there’s something George Michael likes, it’s bumming.

You will see that the cushions (bottom left) are in the colours of the Greek flag to remind George of his spiritual home, Theodopolopodus Kebabs on the Hackney Road (doesn’t putting ‘the’ in front of a street name make it sound really London?) and the pool, also coming in blue, is gay soup Monday through the following Monday. And just out of shot – this is a family show, after all (it isn’t) – is a prostrate dildo covered in… let’s just call it humous.

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  1. Infinity pools make me giddy.

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