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Erm, accent?


Christian Bale learnt everything he knows from Jackie St Angelo.

Isn’t he quite the dick.

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Now for the segment in which we look at a picture of a topless famous we’ve never heard of.

Katie Couric's boyfriend, Brooks Perlin, topless

Today’s lucky winner is Brooks Perlin, who calls himself an ‘entrepreneur’. Ohmygod, so do we! He also has the whiff of Bradley Cooper about him. Ohmygod, do do we!

But his main purpose in life is stepping out with Katie Couric, whose own personal highlights include being bemused by celebrity fucktard Sarah Palin, and appearing in Will & Grace. She’s also making a cameo on Glee! The woman is a miracle.

But really, Brooks?

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Fat, fat, fat!

Chad White naked for D&G

We hate ourselves in this picture so much that Channel 4 has commissioned a programme, Half Ton Gay. All of Manhattan is a-buzz and Jaffa Cakes have run out of sponge.

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John Barry, RIP. (He’s the one on the right.)

John Barry, RIP.

‘It is with great sadness that the family of composer John Barry announce his passing on the 30th of January 2011 in New York.

‘Mr Barry is survived by his wife of 33 years, Laurie, and his four children and five grandchildren.

‘Funeral arrangements will be strictly private and a memorial service with be held later this year in the UK.’

Fancy a lovely tune, or four…? (more…)

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a greedy bottom? Does it have as big a penis as Brandon Routh? Will the film be as shit as the last one? Whatever happened to tennis socks with the pom-poms on the back? No, it’s…. oh it’s gone.

Henry Cavill, Superman

Henry Cavill, renowned the world over for his work in The Tudors – which was like holding a mirror up to the 16th century. We didn’t know where to look! – has been cast as the new Superman.

Which means Brandon Routh, the old Superman, must be bummed out. Quite literally from what we hear.

Who said that?

The new Supee film is called Superman: Man of Steel, it will be out next year, and it will be directed by Zack Snyder off-of 300. Which is our 47th favourite number.

‘He’s got an amazing quality,’ said a movie executive (how do you become one of those? Do you drink something?) in a statement released today. ‘He doesn’t look too much like Reeve and Routh but he’s big and strong and he has a very modern feel to him.’

At which point studio executive patted his hair like Mae West.

Now let’s look at all the naked pictures we could find of Henry Cavill. The boy’s got to get used to it. (more…)

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Oh, look, it’s Karl Lagerfield’s ‘muse’ doing what ‘muses’ do best i.e. taking off their bottom knickers for the people they’re doing a bit of ‘musing’ for…

It’s from Interview magazine, we assume the block bit isn’t permanent and we haven’t held you up with details from the interview KL does with Mr. Muse About Town in the piece itself. Hope you’re OK with that.

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Forget your David Beckham Emporio Armanis and Uncle Calvin, we’re buying into James Franco’s underwear. And it’s less than $5!

Sexy and warm, not unlike… or is that too sick-making?

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Here is Jeff ‘Brassiere’ Brazier!

He’s wearing some lady’s tights, has his feet turned in and seems to be wearing rouge and eye make-up. Just saying.

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