Ditch the All Saints boots and we’re good to go.

Jude and Sienna

The Daily Mail claims, based purely on this picture, that Sienna Miller is ’embarrassed’ by her boyfriend’s outfit. So not only are the Daily Mail cunts, they can also read minds. Combine that with the rocking to-and-fro on FitFlops that the resident journalists do whilst writing the bollocks they do, and we’ve got a whole lot of doing but not much of anything else. They do what they do whilst they do what they do.

Talking of twats like Andrew Pierce, there really is nothing worse that a low-life homophobic gay who sells out to the Daily Mail simply because he’s a fame-whore. The dirty bastard.


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2 comments to “Ditch the All Saints boots and we’re good to go.”

  1. I wondered when someone was going to expose Andrew Pierce for the gay Uncle Tom he really is. Did anyone read his apology for vile homophobe Amanda Platell in Attitude? God knows what Attitude were thinking. As a gentleman of colour I might write an apology for Nick Griffin in The Voice… what do you think?

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  2. Liking those trousers. Bulgy in the right place and skinny in the right place. I wish I could put my mouse on them and find out where they’re from. Or just my hand on them.

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