Names, names, names.

Aaron Johnson, Best Dressed List

It’s that time of the year when someone does a list. Aren’t they just the best times of years?

A list, if you didn’t know, is when magazines have meetings and come up with a bunch of names to keep people happy. It could be because they want someone on the cover, it could be because they want someone on the cover, or it could also be because they want someone on the cover. Oft times, it’s because they want some free PR, like now when we’re writing about it or when Good Morning Television makes a feature out of it because they’ve put someone ridiculous on the list like a Beckham Child.

This week’s list is courtesy of GQ magazine, and they are calling their list the 50 Most Stylish Men (why so abstruse?). And they’ve put a Beckham Child on there. Aaron Johnson off-of that bird who stands there with a rabbit, comes out on top. Just a hunch, but he’ll be on the cover sometime soon. We know, right?! It’s a gift!

After the break you’ll find the full list, which does at least include Patrick Grant, who is hot and knows how to dress. But then it is his job. It’s like Nick Faldo being included on a list called ‘Golf’.

1. Aaron Johnson
2. Douglas Booth
3. Nicholas Hoult
4. Robert Pattinson
5. Prince Harry
6. David Furnish
7. Tom Ford
8. Alex James
9. Jenson Button
10. Bill Nighy
11. David Walliams
12. Matt Smith
13. Dominic Cooper
14. Patrick Grant
15. Tinie Tempah
16. David Beckham
17. David Gandy
18. Adrien Sauvage
19. George Lamb
20. David Cameron
21. Sir Elton John
22. Ben Barnes
23. Theo Hutchcraft of Hurts
24. Tom Hardy
25. William Gilchrist
26. Romeo Beckham
27. Prince William
28. Ray Winstone
29. Jude Law
30. Jarvis Cocker

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  1. What is the wide bit at the bottom of his bulge? Is that balls or is that cock head? We should be told

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