Sandy Bernhard goes all afro/rock. Erm, great!

Yeah, the title may sound like the usual fare – ripping celebrities new arseholes, pointing out how ridiculous people are, ripping celebrities second new arseholes – but we are afraid to have to report that Sandra Bernhard’s new album and London show features music.

And not funny music like on Excuses For Bad Behaviour where songs covered ground like sex lines, people shooting everyone on the train and reworkings of old Sylvester records. No lads and gentlemen, this is African music. In other words, World Music. Which we, frankly, won’t have in the house (except for maybe a little light flamenco and Tania Maria’s 80s stuff, but that’s it! Strictly! It!)

Anyways, maybe we should give her the benefit as she’s never let us down before. If you are a benefits kind of person (not ‘on benefits’ or what the hell are you doing taking in West End shows?), you will find Sandra B at The Leicester Square Theatre, which is *checks* just off London’s glittering Leicester Square from 9th to 13th February.

We think it will be fun and obviously she’ll be ripping new arseholes between numbers.

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2 comments to “Sandy Bernhard goes all afro/rock. Erm, great!”

  1. O no! I hate the music bits. They shoudl actually have to tell us what the percentage is going to be

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  2. She could stand there and talk on her mobile for all I care, I’d still buy tickets. Actually, I did once see a show where she did that.

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