Go East! Life is peaceful there! Go East! In the open air! Go East!

Here is New York City Mayor Bloomberg delivering a recruitment drive to get more gays to the city. Nice try, wise guy.

It’s part of the It Gets Better campaign and in it Mayor B says, ‘Right now there may be some of you out there who feel that there’s no hope, or that you’re not wanted. Well I have a message for you. New York City wants you. New York has always been the place where anyone can go, and be who they’re supposed to be, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual identity. We need you.’ We need you, we need you as a new recruit.

And while we’re on a subject, can some of you American gays also go to West Hollywood: it seems that there are so few gays there that all the gay bars – including Micky’s! – are encouraging straight ladies and straight men and are even putting female go-go dancers on! What is this? 1956?

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3 comments to “Go East! Life is peaceful there! Go East! In the open air! Go East!”

  1. It’s true. I’ve been to New York and there are gays there. I’ve seen them with my own penis.

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  2. New York is dull, dull, dull.

    Glittering Chicago, funky Austin (Texas) and mentally unstable (in a good way) – San FranSqueezy are MUCH more suitable to the gays.

    New York mayor makes NYC sound a lot like a fag hag!

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  3. WeHo has turned to shit. It’s one reason why I moved to glittering London! NY is on it’s way down (and not in a good way), too. If heading east in the US, keep going til you cross the Atlantic. If you’re cute and not all loud speaking and pushy, that is…

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