One penis, so many uses…

Cyclist VPL

Off the top of our heads:

a) A spirit level.

2) A ruler. Like when you need to underline something very important.

III) Creating a nice horizon. Yonder.

4) Resting one’s head after busy day doing business.

Five) Slicing cake.

f) Giving directions.

G) Prodding.

8) Slapping.

ix) Reading.

ten) Writing.

11) Arithmetic.

twelve) Modern languages.

m) Singing in the choir.

n’th) Drawing comparisons with fruit and veg.

15) Seeing in the dark.

xvi) VPL-ings.

17) Keeping one’s place in a queue.

R) A prop during the ‘stop’ bit in The Supremes’ ‘Stop! In The Name Of Love’.

s) Waving.

t) World Peace.

21) Bumming.

And c) and d).

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4 comments to “One penis, so many uses…”

  1. The mind boggles.
    Ooh, there you go! Another use – boggling minds!

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  2. I think you missed ‘shelf’ – I could stand my G&T on that…although not if the glass was chilled…

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  3. I am suspicious.

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