Oh, look! The BAFTA noms are in. And they’re the same as the Golden Globes. Except for The Tourist, naturellement!

Yes, kids, it’s all about The King’s Speech, which has bagged 14 – yes, 14! – nominations including Best Actor, Best Film, Best Bonnets, Best Use of Corgis and Best Wallace Simpson Is An Utter Cunt.

Apart from that, it’s pretty much the Golden Globes. Kids Are Alright, Inception, Social Network… Not much for Another Year by Mike Leigh and, much as we can recite every last line of Abigail’s Party, he has become a little smug for his own good, so maybe that’s not a bad thing.

Best Animated Movie goes to Toy Story 3 (we might as well announce that one right here and right now) while Tom Hardy is nommed in the Orange Wednesdays Rising Award. Which, OK, not only is he a boner fido star already but Orange Wednesdays? Is it not enough that we have to watch that fucking Jack Black Orange advert every time we so much as pass a cinema door, we now have to have an award not only with the company name on it, but the specific promotion award? Why not just add the coupon number?

Still, at least Helena Bottom Carter has been nommed in the Cadbury’s Would You Like A Sweetie (Chocolate-flavoured-candy-now-it-belongs-to-Kraft -covered) Award.

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