Look at Ricky Martin in Evita! Doesn’t he take the part well?

Yes, Ricky Martin is to play Evita on Broadway in a production brought to New York City from glittering London by Michael Grandage (who we used to go out with the same guy as but that’s another lifetime and we’re saving it for our diaries)…

*reads more carefully* Ricky Martin is to play in Evita in a production (same as that top bit). He is actually going to play Cher *reads more carefully* Che. The bit David Essex did on the original album where Julie ‘Only Women Bleed’ Covington did the not crying for Argentina bit.

Anyways and hoos, the Argentinian actress who did Evita in London, namely Elena Roger, will be standing on balconies shouting and the whole thing rolls into town in March next year.

This was a public service announcement.

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Look at Ricky Martin in Evita! Doesn't he take the part well?, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. Actually Colm Wilkinson was Che in the original concept album with Julie (#1 hit with Don’t Cry) I won’t do Tops of the pops and I am a serious actress so i don’t want to play this role on stage…..ummmm. created the role of Janet in Rocky Horror and didn’t want to do another musical that would have made her a houshold name??? Still she was divine in Rock Follies on telly with rula Lenska. David “Rock On” Essex was the original Che on stage with Elaine “how nice to meet you Mr. Rice, I really love your lyrics, let’s shag for years” Paige.

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