Reach out and slap, somebody’s face, make the world a better place, if you can…

Just a few things we’d like to say about Justin Bieber being on the cover of Love magazine.

1. Love magazine. For why?

2. Justin Bieber is neither big nor clever nor new. There have been Justin Biebers since time immemorial whether they were called Donny Osmond or someone in Backstreet Boys’ brother or whoever. So far, so what?

3. Love obviously thinks it’s being really ironic by putting Justin Bieber on the cover. Because, you know, it’s a really fashi0nable and intelligent magazine and it’s like put a teen star on the cover. That’s so clever we might have to go and have a lie down with a wet twentysomething on our foreheads.

4. They probably got someone of the calibre of Peaches Geldof to interview him. Because that’s how ironic and clever they are over at Love. They can’t help it. It just comes naturally.

5. Terry Richardson, who took the photo, hopefully got bags of money for it. We think you should just stick to men with their cocks out, Tel. Unless the inside pages of Love are really ground-breaking and you actually got Justin to… No, of course they’re not. That was just us tugging your chain.

6. Justin Bieber. For why?

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2 comments to “Reach out and slap, somebody’s face, make the world a better place, if you can…”

  1. Can I join the queue to “Reach out and slap………”.

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  2. Pointless child, even more pointless magazine.

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