Which one-time HUGE girl band is this making a comeback?

Is it Baccara?


Is it Cheeky Girls?

We said ‘huge’, so no.

Is it Lady Gaga as seen by Karen Walker?

No (which reminds us, ‘Oi, workie, where’s that vodka and soda with two limes and ice right up to here we ordered?’)

Is it Shakespear’s Sister, with the mis-spelling and everything?


Is it French and Saunders doing Shakespear’s Sister?


Is it Diana Ross and the Supremes?

Could be. But no. In fact it is… B*Witched, them old Oirish girls in stone-wash denim from the 90s. Well, some of them at any rate.

They are known in the business (well, when we say ‘the business’, we mean at home by their nearestslashdearest) as Keavy and Edele Lynch, sisters of someone in Boyzone or Westlife or U2 or The Corrs or The Nolan Sisters. And the name of their new group is Barbarella. [Add your own sarcastic comment here].

We will say two things: firstly, they are very nice girls. Secondly, we’ve heard worse songs coming out of the mouth of Britney, whether you think that’s saying very much or not.

See the video, featuring men without much on, over the jump…httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=li9V01appq0#

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2 comments to “Which one-time HUGE girl band is this making a comeback?”

  1. they look irish.

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  2. they look like lesbians!

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