Shame he’s a knob.

Mark Wright naked for Cosmo, Only Way Is Essex

Actually, it’s not really a shame.

This is Mark Wright getting his body – replete with pre-pubescent springiness – out for Cosmo, which is, you know, great, really.

He’s holding his arm behind his head because this technique lifts, and separates. Lifts and separates. Liftsandseparates.

We hear the car could be anything.

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Shame he's a knob., 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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4 comments to “Shame he’s a knob.”

  1. I know someone who used to actually drive in this fashion.

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  2. where’s his peen? he looks like an action man

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  3. Was it you, Pilar?

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  4. You got me, Lulu *holds up hands*.

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