Meryl Streep playing the woman who originally put the ‘n’ into ‘cuts’

Is it us, or was there a time when playing someone real – like the Queen or Prince William or Margaret Thatcher or Daffy Duck – was the sort of naff thing they only did on made-for-TV movies in America?

Then came The Queen starring Dame Sir Helen Mirren and now they’re all doing it. Colin Firth as King George VI, Helena Bottom Carter as the Queen Mum, someone we’ve never heard of as Prince William, Diana Ross as Oswald Moseley, Aerosmith as Beatrix Potter, Spit the Dog as David Cameron…

And, here’s Meryl as the incarnation of evil herself, Mrs. Margaret ‘Maggie’ ‘Milk Snatcher’ ‘Snatch Snatcher’ Thatcher (ooh, it rolls off the tongue like Philip Larkin!)

It’s for a *checks place where the story is nicked from* a film. It stars *checks* Meryl Streep as *checks* Margaret Thatcher and Jim Broadbent as Dennis and is directed by Phyllida Lloyd, who did Mamma Mia. So we’re expecting great things…

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  1. She doesn’t actually look like Voldermort’s mother but she has got the mouth bit right. I’m not sure if it’s because it looks enough like her or if it’s because Meryl looks distressed but I don’t like that photo of her. The wig is almost as spectacular as The Grand Bitch’s own wig!

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