How much to send a petition to God? Ooh, quite pricey.

How much do you think it is to send a petition to God? You’d think he wouldn’t need it, wouldn’t you? What with the power of prayer and the fact that he’s omniscient and everything. But where there’s muck there’s brass and so a very clever military chaplain-type person has set up a business ‘sending petitions to God and government’, where you can sign a petition asking for DADT to be brought back and pay him quite a lot to send it to members of the government. God is probably copied in.

The price to get your name on a petition to all 500-and-odd (with the emphasis on the ‘odd’ in some cases) members of the US Congress and Senate is a cool $115. For which you could buy anal sex in any town in the country.

The man behind this wheeze is one Chaplain Klingenschmitt who was ‘honorably but involuntarily discharged from the navy in 2007… for praying in Jesus’ name in uniform’. First of all, surely you pray in your own name TO Jesus, or are we getting it all wrong? Secondly, what a knob!

In unrelated news, in a survey done by Vanity Fair it was found that 80% of American citizens have no objection to gay men and lesbians serving openly in the military. 80% is quite a lot. So how come the 20% seem to have all the clout?

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  1. Alternatively, if you feel that strongly about it you could pray youyrself, then call or write to your elected representative for a fraction of the price. But these bigots are too fucktarded to think of that. They’ve lost this battle. Time for them to go and pick on another minority group.

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