That is so a good look on you!

Here she is, the Lady that is Gaga, relaxing in a comfy pair of slippers and carrying what looks like a very large pill but probably isn’t.

It’s by our favourite Terry Richardson (not that there’s more than one Terry Richardson and this is our favourite, just our favourite, Terry Richardson – oh, a comma would have done the trick). And it’s for something called Supreme.

Which we think is a pizza.

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2 comments to “That is so a good look on you!”


    She’s clearly trying to enjoy some private nudey skateboarding in her special skateboarding shoes!

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  2. Brushed.

    BrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushedBrushed………………Brushy Wush Wushed.

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