Chrissie Hynde’s an Antiques Roadshow roadie

Antiques Roadshow freaks

As were watching Antiques Roadshow last night, prepping for the week ahead, rubbing the ends of our knitting needles, sipping on a michael-warm cup of cocoa, wondering whether, come 9 o’clock, we would be able to watch the first episode of South Riding in its entirety fit to bursting as it is with Yorkshire accents, making a note somewhere prominent that Fiona Bruce was once told red is her star colour and she hasn’t looked back since, we almost fell of our Corbusier-rip-off sofa in shock when we noticed the assembled assembleds on Her Majesty’s Antiques Roadshow, this week coming from Hampton Court Castle (not to be confused with Hampton Court).

A woman, who was once told a fringe looked good on her, had positioned herself to Fiona Bruce’s  far right, and she wasn’t budging for love nor money nor 16th century domestic tapestries. Her fringe – all seven tons of it – was nothing we had seen in our lives before. So much so, it was taking all our attention away from the lady just to Fiona’s left, who was having a lovely day out.

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2 comments to “Chrissie Hynde’s an Antiques Roadshow roadie”

  1. …..who ? and …..what ?

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  2. I think it’s Jennifer Saunders as Chrissie Hynde. Next week Dawn French as Sonia shows up.

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