How much would you pay for this?


We love it when the sun does that!

Some clever clogs who is almost certainly wearing sensible flats has come up with a valuation for the earth. It may surprise you how much you’d have to fork out for this ball just fit-to-bursting with people and white chiffon and terracotta pots. It’s not as much as a flat at One Hyde Park, but it is quite a lot.

It is worth £3,000 trillion. Bargain, right? That’s, like, two guineas in old money.

Astrophysicist Greg Laughlin came up with this figure by calculating the sum of the Dolly Earth’s size, age, temperature, and other vital statistics like whether it’s a top or a bottom and can touch type.

Venus is worth a penny. And not a pretty one either.

You can make this shit up!

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