George and Kenny ain’t bummin’ no more

George Michael off-of Snappy Snaps and Kenny Goss off-of George Michael are no longer bumming. They have split.

We would end it there but instead, we’d just like to say that George Michael, on his new single – which is for Comic Relief (we’ll be the judge of that) – sounds like a dishwasher. You know, like Posh Spice did when she tried the single thing. And on the cover of the single – which is a cover of New Order’s ‘True Faith’ – George is wearing all the right sunglasses.

That happens when you’re a gay living adjacent to Highgate Ponds.

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3 comments to “George and Kenny ain’t bummin’ no more”

  1. Rather embarrassing when your boyfriend keeps making the news for being high or being on all the Commons of London!!
    I’m not knocking it, just requesting a little discretion, George!!

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  2. Apparently, this ain’t true. George has put out a statement saying it’s all made up by The Sun.

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  3. […] know what else is true? We reported this twice already. Once here, and then again here. We’re not smug or anything (can’t afford the wrinkles), it just seems a crying shame […]

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