Joan Collins: ‘I’ve always been a serial bride, never a mattress.’

The Lucky Bitches

The Lucky Bitches have done Piers Morgan (poor Bitches!) and the most entertaining line to come out of the whole thing is that one we put up there. We’re contractually obliged to say you can see the interview with Joan and Jackie Collins on Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN, tonight, at 8pm. We will j’adore it for the obvious reasons.

Piers Morgan once told us off for not doing enough research on him before we interviewed him.

We asked him how many researchers he has working for him to come up with such zingers as ‘What’s your favourite colour?’. The answer was in the region of 15.

We then asked him to ask us how many researchers we have working for us. The answer was in the region of zero.

We find Piers Morgan to be smug, don’t you?

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