It is Saint Patrick’s Day. This is how we’re spending our day.

St Patrick's Day

Upon waking this morning we stuck on ‘Beautiful Day’ by U2 and then made ourselves a potato omelette, washed down with an Irish coffee just because we’re up for de craic/crack.

Then, after brushing ourselves down and snogging our Colin Farrell poster, we put on our ‘Irishmen Do It Better’ tee and hopped onto the District Line (because it’s green) and went to work.

It is here we have been playing a medley of Westlife, Boyzone, Johnny Logan, Val Doonican and The Nolan Sisters, whilst putting in a call to arrange to meet our friend Ailbhis (pronounced ‘John’) for a drink of the ‘black stuff’.

Ailbhis and us and his dad, the farmer, will then go to O’Neill’s on Leicester Sq where we’ll meet Bob Geldof, Daniel Day Lewis (whose not even Irish but does a good accent) and Roisin (pronounced ‘John’) Murphy where we will talk about politics and cry about the potato famine.

We will consume 15 pints of Guinness, and an Irish Latte (just to keep us going).

Finally we will head to Louis Walsh’s house for his famous Irish stew, along with Graham Norton and Dermot O’Leary’s hair, where once again we will cry about the death of Stephen Gately whilst America’s first lady of Ireland Michael Flatley will teach us how to do a jig.

Jealous much?

ps. Send money now!

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It is Saint Patrick's Day. This is how we're spending our day. , 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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