Spartacus? We’ll take two!

Call us shallow, call us obvious, call us madam, but we are total slaves to Spartacus, which owes as much to actual history as Kylie Minogue’s face owes to nature.

Set in the steamy, brutal world of Chariots Roman Spa *checks notes* ancient Rome, among the very gladiators of the arena (flattened faces, body oil, muscles, longish hair, short skirts – you know, like Girls Aloud) it’s back for a second series starting Monday on Sky (if you can bear to give that awful mister Murdoch your money).

Going back to its roots (and no doubt zipping up its boots somewhere in the process), this second series is actually something of a prequel as the main actor got ill and they’re holding his spot for him.

Which is nice.

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Spartacus? We'll take two!, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Oh I love the taste of prequel

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