Religious people are a bunch o’ cunts. Don’t worry. It’s freedom of speech!

In a landmark victory for retarded Chrizzos, a judge in Northern Ireland (where else?) has decided that an advert that branded gay men perverts is OK.

Never mind the offence caused, because the Bible says that sodomy is an abomination (they tend to skate over the bit that says you can’t eat prawn cocktail or wear polycottons that literally follows the much-quoted abomination bit in Leviticus), it’s OK to say that because religious people have the right to state their beliefs.

Mr Justice Treacy, a man in a wig, said: ‘The applicant’s religious views and the biblical scripture which underpins those views no doubt cause offence, even serious offence, to those of a certain sexual orientation.’ You bet your bottom, Treacy.

‘Likewise, the practice of homosexuality may have a similar effect on those of a particular religious faith.’ Yeah, but in the words of Gaga, we were born this way. It’s not just a lifestyle choice like religion.

‘But Article 10 (of the European Convention on Human Rights) protects expressive rights which offend, shock or disturb.’

So here goes: all people who believe in Jesus Christ our Lord are retarded cunts who smell fishy and wear bad clothes and probably molest children. And that is our sincere and fundamental belief.

Well, what’s saucy for the goose…

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Religious people are a bunch o' cunts. Don't worry. It's freedom of speech!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. And so say all of us. I’ve had it up to here with religious nut-jobs, justifying their hate with a bunch of nonsensical fiction.

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