What every good funeral of an icon needs… a bunch of cunts.

Westboro Baptist Church

They’re as predictable as an X Factor number one and a Daily Mail headline… so it comes as quite the relief to hear the broken record that is the Westboro (they can’t even spell ‘borough’ for Christ’s sake) Baptist Church will be picketing the funeral of Elizabeth Taylor because of her work for gay rights.

‘She (Taylor) was a proud whore!’ Tweeted Margie Phelps, daughter of Fred. ‘Now she’s in hell!’

‘Her whoredoms enabled filthy fags!’ Tweeted another Phelp. ‘She now answers for her gr8 sin in hell!’

‘No peace for whore who taught proud sin! Tweeted yet another. ‘Too late for her to repent. Westboro will picket funeral.’

Oh, you poor things… Elizabeth Taylor wasn’t a whore! Watch and learn, people. Watch and learn…


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3 comments to “What every good funeral of an icon needs… a bunch of cunts.”

  1. Wasn’t the Phelps daughter the one that had a child out of wedlock? Who’s the whore now, bitch?

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  2. Whatever. But more importantly, I watched ‘A Place In The Sun’ last night. If you haven’t, you really should. And if you have, watch it again. Blisteringly good.

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  3. SO much pent-up, inbreeding anger from that lot!!! Whore, shmore!!!
    I think God’s also getting a bit peeved with this lot blaming Him for everything – who gets the blame for thoase kids and their bad frock sense?!?!?!

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