Fuck the trainers – just fuck him instead! Wow, that was easier than we thought.

kim kardashian sketchers ad

If we understand this advert for Skecher Shape-Ups starring Kim Kardashian…

Segue: We met, we interviewed, we j’adored, we thought she was Nicole Scherzinger for a short while, we je couldn’t get enough, then we left. Just like that!

… then Kim Kardashian would rather wear a pair of Skecher (no t!) Shape-Ups than bum the gennelman in this advert.

‘Things just aren’t working out!’ says Kim to totty.

‘Well, that’s not completely true,’ she continues, all revelatory. ‘I am working out.’

(Break it to us like that why don’t you.)

‘It’s not someone else.’

(Oh thank the Baby Jesus!)

‘It’s someTHING else.’


Turns out it’s a pair of freaking Shake-Ups from Skechers! No t!

‘Bye bye trainer!’ says she. ‘Hello magazine!’

Oh, sorry. ‘Hello Shape-Up!’

So you heard it here first, folks. Kim Kardashian would rather wear a pair of trainers that make her look like she has one leg shorter than the other than bum the bloke you will find topless and in moving pictures over the edge…

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