Honestly. Some people.

What a lovely time we had of it on the protest against the cuts on Saturday. A nice brunch, a brisk walk (it was brisk!) through the traffic-free streets of London town Grindr-ing the shit out of the march itself (quite successful!)… And then the silliness kicked in.

Now, we have nothing against people making the strength of their feelings about the banks and tax dodgers felt, and there was something quite pretty about the multi-coloured blobs of paint on Topshop. But you don’t attack police: they’re working people too, you know. And they’re at the sharp end of cuts as much as anyone.

Besides, the people running around in black writing ‘Class war’ on the doors of Fortnum & Mason (honestly! What year is this? Can’t we choose better targets than a posh food shop? And ‘class war’? Do us a favour!) are actual nutters.

Walking along Piccadilly with the grannies and granddads and little kids and union types in rainbow jumpers and Pack-a-macs with flasks of tea and neatly folded copies of The Guardian, one anarchist dressed all in slimming black with a black mask over most of his face (honestly, you might as well wear a burka) was shouting in the faces of the little old lady marshals ‘STOP FUCKING POLICING US!’

Because a 65-year-old Socialist nana in a day-glo tabard is the enemy all of a sudden, right?

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3 comments to “Honestly. Some people.”

  1. Get off your lazy arses and go and find a job and stop expecting someone to pay you for doing fuck all, you yobo louts!! Class war…..honestly!!…..the only difference is that one group is bone idle and the other group works for a living. Trashing FORTNUM & MASON – that really takes the cake (no pun intended!!!). The police should just beat the tar out of you – full stop!!!! Amen.

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  2. When did Fortnums become posh? Also, now they’re trending on Twitter. That’ll teach ya. It was a sad sight to see my lovely city being torn apart by idiots that weren’t even in office.

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  3. Half of these ‘anarchists’ are called Rupert, have trust funds and had a gap year in Africa. They have about as much reason to anarchical as a well fed poodle. Just like the “Taxpayers Alliance” at the other end of the political spectrum, you need to be wary of anyone who is too outraged for no apparently clear reason.


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